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Large palms are grown outdoors to acclimate to the soil in the Orange County area. Shade plants are grown in the shade house which is more like their natural habitat.

Tropical fruit trees vary in size and in the amount of sun they need. Some will not bear fruit for a year or even two or three years. It is important to plant them where they will have the best chance to thrive and not just eke out an existence if bearing fruit is the goal.

Tropical fruit trees are added for appearance sometimes and not all fruit is really edible. Most fruit trees bear edible fruit, but it is a good idea to let the customer know if the fruit is not edible. Some small orange trees produce small oranges that are sour but not poisonous.

Nursery trees come in varying sizes and many are in containers for easy pick-up or delivery. Fruit trees and palm trees can thrive in interior and exterior settings as we have seen over 37 years of growing.

We maintain a large volume of plants since designers, contractors and architects order wholesale from our nursery. We do not sell to the public on a retail basis. Our plant nursery is open to potential buyers and regular customers Monday-Friday until 4:00 p.m.
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Call 714-532-4429 for inventory questions.