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Palm Trees

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The most beautiful landscapes have tropical palms and trees to provide structure, balance and interest. Our trees are ready to be planted in an exterior landscape anytime because they have been acclimated to the climate of this locale. This assures longevity and improves quality.

Our slogan, “Quality Palms!” is applied and supported. We know how disappointing it is to create a lovely landscape and then see it ruined by unhealthy trees. We resolved to avoid that situation for our architects and contractors and their clients. Designers should not finish a job just to see it deteriorate in a matter of weeks.

Tropical palms and trees are good shade providers for other plants as well as being attractive in their own right. They can be placed strategically as boundaries of properties rather than having less attractive fences.

Large expanses of ground often need trees to break up the monotony, especially if grass is the primary soil cover. Walkways lined with trees are irresistible to most observers and they always want to walk through an arbor-like area.

Groupings of small palms form an oasis in a plot of land that needs a focal point. Smaller tropical plants can be added around a water feature for a desert haven effect. Benches and large rocks for seating will provide an inspirational setting in which to sit and ponder life.

Tropical palms and trees provide oxygen and there is never too much of that. Humans provide carbon dioxide for plants, so placing seating areas near trees and gardens seems logical.

Trees and palms can also be used the other way around to block human traffic from a specific area of a property. Tree locations surrounded by smaller tropical plants in the absence of seating will allow people to look, admire and continue on. Plants are less costly than columns or statues and can perform the same function.

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