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Tropical plants are coveted for their vibrant colors and exquisitely shaped leaves. Even the shades of green vary widely. The leaves or foliage of tropical plants are usually hard or stiff and they stay green all the time. Some are a soothing blue-green for contrast and focal points.

Tropical plants give a clean, ordered look to landscapes when arranged a certain way. They can also provide a green screen to give the impression of coolness and shade and to add privacy. Taller plants are alternatives to fences.

Trees and palms may form the tallest and outermost “wall” of plants with shorter ones in the middle areas and front rows to fill in gaps. New and different designs may have trees in nontraditional points in a landscape.

Shade-loving plants can really add pop to a dark, normally boring part of a property. A dark corner or small side yard can be turned into a plant-filled garden with chairs or benches and rocks for accents. A formerly wasted space may become a favorite retreat instead of an eyesore.

Cycads are seed-producing woody plants that have at least a 250-million-year history. Fossils of cycads have been found in Sweden, Kansas and Mexico. They were in both east and west hemispheres and apparently quite prolific in the Jurassic Period. Some fossils seem to date back 320 million years.

On the endangered list, cycads are evergreen and range in size from a few centimeters to tree-sized plants. Buying cycads will help keep them alive and avoid their slow disappearance from nature.

Cycads are either male or female plants with large cones for pollination. Male cones have pollen and female cones have seeds. Beetles and wind carry pollen from male seeds to female seeds where they reproduce. The seeds may be pea-sized or much larger. One African variety of cycad grows seeds that weigh 90 pounds!

Cycads are considered living fossils, and individual plants can be passed down through generations of human families. Some are thought to be a thousand years old. Many species grow very slowly and don’t get very big, but still get very old. It is strange that such hardy survivors are now endangered, but after 250 million years, environments change.

A tropical plant nursery provides small and medium-sized plants for small gardens in interior and exterior settings. These gardens can be used to create interest or to indicate traffic flow in a large space. They can also be used as screens for unattractive but necessary structures.

Plants enhance counter areas that would otherwise look sterile and unfriendly. Tropical varieties often draw the eye and can be used to cover ugly or awkward spaces inside or outside. Small palm trees are very effective in small and large landscapes; they are rather versatile.

Tropical plants can be mostly green or flowering and colorful to create whatever effect is desired. Atmosphere is important in most places that use plants as decor accents, so their colors and shapes are valued by design experts.

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